onsdag 15. mars 2017


Hiking/guided tour from Juvasshytta to Galdhøpiggen summer 2016.

Galdhøpiggen is Norway's highest mountain, 2469 meters above sea level.
We may feel pretty rough weather on trips to Galdhøpiggen. The weather can change very fast.
If participants are not dressed or equipped such conditions require it,
the drivers for safety reasons, can refuse participants to join.

Start at Juvasshytta.

The first stage went on rocky ground.

And some of it, on a small glacier.

First third of the route is done, and we are taking a well-deserved lunch break.

Part number two of the route, went across the glacier, The Styggebreen.
To protect against fall in any cracks, we had to go chained together by rope.
We were guided safely over the glacier, by experienced guides.

We spent about 45 minutes on the trip over the glacier.

We were 70 people including the guides who took this trip, divided into 3 groups.

The last part of the trip went on a steep scree.

Almost up and we'll take a breather :)

What a great view and supreme weather :)

Up on the roof of Norway and it feels good.

On top of Galdhøpiggen is a small cottage, where they sell souvenirs, candy, food and drinks.
AND they have toilets, thank God :)

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